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Melody Themes

The Melody theme directory is still under development. But here are some themes to help you get started.

Included with Melody:

  • Classic Blog Theme Pack - includes several layout choices:
    • Minimalist layout with color choices of blue, brown, green, grey, light blue, light green, pink, purple, red, and white
    • Cityscapes layout with city skyline choices of Austin, Boston, Chicago, DC, Houston, Kiev, LA, London, Miami, Nashville, NYC, Philadelphia, Portland, Seattle, SF, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, Vegas
    • Hills layout with color choices of dusk, green, midnight and pink
    • Unity layout with color choices of blue, green, purple, and tricolor (an orange-blue-green combo)

From Mike Thomsen:

Check Mike's github directory for other new and converted themes not listed above.

From Dan Wolfgang:

  • Charity includes the features found in Classic Blog Minimalist (layout styles and color choices), and several new features:
    • Image galleries for both Pages and Entries
    • Include an accent image in the site header
    • Support for a navigation menu with links to Pages
    • Easily configurable Facebook Like button
    • Easily configurable Footer text

From Byrne Reese:

Most Movable Type themes, MT4 in particular, will work with Melody as well.


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