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A newer version of YAML::Tiny is required.

This update is specifically required when exporting things to YAML (most likely Custom Fields and Field Day fields) that export data in multiple rows for a single key. If YAML::Tiny isn't updated, the problem shows itself by exporting gobblety-gook instead.
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* [Melody Compatibility Layer]( (not needed for Melody)
* [Theme Manager]( (not needed for Melody)
+This plugin requires a newer version of the `YAML::Tiny` Perl module than is
+included with Movable Type. Included with this plugin (in the `extlib/`
+folder) is a newer version of `YAML::Tiny`. Copy from the plugin archive
+`extlib/YAML/` to `$MT_HOME/extlib/YAML/` to update Movable
+Type's copy of this plugin. **This is a required, non-optional step!**
## Installation ##
The installation is the same as the standard for most MT plugins. If you need help, please see [The Ultimate Guide to Installing Movable Type Plugins](
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