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LIBOMV-620 Fixes unhandled exception trying to save existing filters

LIBOMV-577 Capabilities requesting an "uploader" (mostly assets ie: notecards, scripts) are now proxied through the ProxyServer
* Cleanup to GridProxy debugging (moving everything over to use the openmetaverse logging singleton which makes logging much more clear. (Not done yet)
* Removing sequence debugging since it was pretty much unusable and WinGridProxy allows you to do the same thing by default

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jimradford committed Jul 10, 2009
1 parent 7cd73c1 commit 14e27b83db277cb55afc323121aa062c0e59e0db
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  1. +80 −130 Programs/GridProxy/GridProxy.cs
  2. +7 −5 Programs/WinGridProxy/FormWinGridProxy.cs
  3. +3 −4 bin/WinGridProxy.exe.config
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