Release 0.9.2

@lkalif lkalif released this Feb 24, 2014 · 210 commits to master since this release

Release Notes

Maintenance release that includes a few improvements and bug fixes.

New Features and Improvements

  • LIBOMV-926 - Add the ability to attach multiple items to one attachment point (mutli-attachments)
  • LIBOMV-956 - Add support for large groups (GroupMemberData capability)
  • LIBOMV-929 - When processing asset TransferPackets, use the existing AssetDownload.Transferred count to copy the new data into AssetDownload.Data rather than assuming 1000 bytes
  • LIBOMV-942 - improve AssetManager.TransferPacketHandler to allow out of order packets as well as variable sized packets
  • LIBOMV-945 - ObjectPropertiesUpdatedEventArgs extending ObjectPropertiesEventArgs instead of EventArgs
  • LIBOMV-950 - Add "Host Events" group power
  • LIBOMV-951 - Add support for the new teleport permission

Bug Fixes

  • LIBOMV-928 - BulkInventoryUpdates are no longer available via UDP messages; some inventory operations do not work
  • LIBOMV-931 - Head tattoo's disappear at rebaking
  • LIBOMV-939 - Gridproxy invalid cast exception on misformatted CAPS
  • LIBOMV-941 - ObjectManager.BuildBasicShape() uses wrong ProfileCurve for PrimType.Prism
  • LIBOMV-944 - Some value should be required for the viewer channel
  • LIBOMV-946 - Repeatedly converting a TextureEntry to bytes and back causes texture rotation to drift
  • LIBOMV-949 - spheremode property not being set when calling PrimMesher
  • LIBOMV-955 - Capabilities need to be updated
  • LIBOMV-967 - Bug in the EstateTools.cs
  • LIBOMV-968 - Fetching of inventory items is failing with mono