@lkalif lkalif released this Jul 6, 2015 · 65 commits to master since this release

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Maintanence release containing several fixes and new features. Among other things it contains a new Gtk# GUI version of GridProxy (GridProxyGUI.exe). You will need to install Gtk# package for your system, Windows installer for Gtk#. Installing mono-develop will install the requred packages on most Linux distrinutions.


LIBOMV-954 - Connect method in NetworkManager.cs
LIBOMV-963 - Bodyrotation to East after login
LIBOMV-972 - GridProxy cannot hande GroupAPIv1 capability
LIBOMV-981 - Inventory Item name is lost on move using InventoryManager.MoveItem
LIBOMV-982 - Alpha wearable checkbox for full alpha on a part has no effect


LIBOMV-969 - Add ability to set maturity access level
LIBOMV-973 - Add support for Group Bans functionality
LIBOMV-990 - WinProxy: No Decoder for GetObjectCost
LIBOMV-965- flag has incorrect text