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Aira: An Irrigation Advisor

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Aira is a web application that calculates soil water balance in order to provide users with irrigation recommendation.


Aira supports all Django, django-registration-redux and Celery settings. In addition, it supports these settings:

  • AIRA_DATA_HISTORICAL, AIRA_DATA_FORECAST. Absolute paths to directories holding TIFF files with spatial meteorological data. "Historical" is measured data, whereas "forecast" refers to meteorological forecasts. The filename format is daily_{variable}-{YYYY-MM-DD}.tif where {variable} is one of evaporation, humidity, humidity_max, humidity_min, rain, solar_radiation, temperature, temperature_max, temperature_min and wind_speed. Only evaporation is actually used for calculations, and the rest are used for showing on the front page map (with the help of mapserver) and for extracting historical data for a point (i.e. an (agri)field).

  • AIRA_DATA_SOIL. Absolute path to a directory holding TIFF files with data for the soil. See "Soil data" below.

  • AIRA_TIMESERIES_CACHE_DIR. Absolute path to a directory where it caches point time series. When the historical data for an agrifield are requested, aira extracts them from the rasters in AIRA_DATA_HISTORICAL. Since this is a time-consuming operation, it caches the result in AIRA_TIMESERIES_CACHE_DIR in case they are re-requested.

  • AIRA_MAPSERVER_BASE_URL. The raster maps for the front page are served by a geographical server such as mapserver or geoserver. This is the URL of the geographical server, such as or /mapserver/.

  • AIRA_DEMO_USER_INITIAL_AGRIFIELDS. When running python demo_user on an empty installation, the demo user and some demo fields are created. This holds the initial agrifields to be created (see aira_project/settings/ for details).

  • AIRA_MAP_DEFAULT_CENTER, AIRA_MAP_DEFAULT_ZOOM. The default center for the map as a (longitude, latitude) tuple of floats, and the default zoom, as an integer. This defines the initial centering and zooming of a map if there's no reason to do something else (e.g. if a map shows agrifields, it might center and zoom on the agrifields).

  • AIRA_CELERY_SEND_TASK_ERROR_EMAILS. By default, this has the value False. If you set it to True, whenever a Celery task encounters an error (raises an uncaught exception), the admins will be emailed.

Soil data

Part of the configuration is a set of GeoTIFF files with information about the soil. These files are placed in the directory specified by AIRA_DATA_SOIL. The files are these:

  • fc.tif. The field capacity.
  • theta_s.tif. Water content when saturated.
  • pwp.tif. The permanent wilting point.
  • a_1d.tif and b.tif. Parameters used when calculating draintime.
  • theta-YYYY-MM-DD.tif (optional). The initial conditions for running the soil water model are normally that on the previous 15 March the soil was at field capacity. However, if a theta-YYYY-MM-DD.tif file exists and the date specified in the file name is more recent than the previous 15 March, it is assumed instead that the water content at the date specified is what is specified by the file. The purpose of this feature is to enable the system to work in the first year it is installed at an area, when meteorological data might become available mid-season.


© 2014-2020 TEI of Epirus and University of Ioannina

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.


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