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Scientific documentation for Hydrognomon

In Greek

hydrognomon-theory-greek.doc, edited in 2009, contains mostly all the theory for Hydrognomon.

In English

Around 2012 there was an effort to translate the theory to English. Different chapters were assigned to different translators. This work is mostly, but not entirely, complete. The files in this directory (except hydrognomon-theory-greek.doc) contain these translations. They may have some duplicate stuff or something might be missing. They should be reviewed and assembled into a single report.

Copyright and license

The GPLv3 license is for the software only; it does not apply to the documentation. The license for the documentation needs reviewing and reconsideration. We think that, after the work is completed, there should be no problem in releasing the documentation under a free license.

The copyright belongs mostly to the National Technical University of Athens; small parts may belong to other authors, however.