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The book, "Parallel Spectral Numerical Methods", including example programs, etc.

Updated Sep 22, 2016

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Professional Skill Builder

Updated Jul 20, 2016

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OERbit is a Drupal-based publishing platform for publicly licensed learning resources (OER/OCW)

Updated Jun 17, 2015

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These are various python scripts to pull Google analytics or YouTube details for a particular path, tag, or user. These use the APIs from Google Analytics and YouTube Analytics to create PDF or CSV files.

Updated Aug 30, 2014

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This repository includes scripts for gather metrics on Open.Michigan translation activities, including the translated subtitles on Amara

Updated Aug 14, 2014


Documentation and code to publicly and dynamically display usage information (e.g. from Google Analytics, YouTube) for courses, resources, and associated materials in OERbit.

Updated Jan 30, 2014

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Open Case Builder (http://openmi.ch/casebuilder) is an open source downloadable web app that can be used to create instructional modules such as patient cases, quizzes, and text with media.

Updated Aug 26, 2013

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A tool for displaying interactive videos

Updated Aug 13, 2013


OERca is a web-based content clearing application that supports the dScribe process. People engaged in the process of creating open content can use OERca to organize materials, track changes within the resource, manage rights and license information, and collaborate with others with whom you’re working to create and clear content.

Updated Mar 19, 2013


Drupal module to manage badges for Mozilla's Open Badges infrastructure

Updated Mar 20, 2012


forked from lotia/lr_publish

A drupal 6.x module to publish data to a Learning Registry node.

Updated Nov 15, 2011