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! fortran module for interacting with the ParaView CoProcessor
! loosely based on:
! ParaView-3.14.1-Source/CoProcessing/Adaptors/FortranAdaptors/PhastaAdaptor/phastaNSadaptor.f
! -- Changed for SESE
! subroutine determines if coprocessing needed during the
! current simulation step or not, and if so, calls the coprocessor.
! some of the subroutines are supplied by ParaView's FortranAdaptorAPI,
! others have to be supplied by the programmer.
module NSadaptor_module
use iso_c_binding
implicit none
interface NSadaptor
! Originally also had a version that accepted 3D arrays, but in all other
! respects was identical. Decided this could lead to too much confusion.
module procedure NSadaptor1D
end interface NSadaptor
subroutine NSadaptor1D(nx, ny, nz, xst, xen, yst, yen, zst, zen, &
step, time, omegax, omegay, omegaz)
! nx, ny, nz -- grid dimensions or entire mesh
! used for setting whole extent
! xst, xen, etc. -- extents of current subdomain pencil
! step -- current simulation time step
! time -- current simulation time
! omega* -- scalar array for the current time step
! flag -- receives status from API calls
integer, intent(in) :: nx, ny, nz, xst, xen, yst, yen, zst, zen, step
real(kind=8), intent(in) :: time
real(kind=8), dimension(:), intent (in) :: omegax, omegay, omegaz
integer :: flag
! check if processing this time step
! defined in FortranAdaptorAPI.h
call requestdatadescription(step, time, flag)
if (flag /= 0) then
! processing requested
! check if need to create grid
! defined in FortranAdaptorAPI.h
call needtocreategrid(flag)
if (flag /= 0) then
! grid needed
! defined in VTKPointBasedDataSet.cxx
! takes the size of the entire grid, and the extents of the
! sub grid.
call createcpimagedata(nx, ny, nz, xst, xen, yst, yen, zst, zen)
end if
! defined in VTKPointBasedDataSet.cxx
! remember to null-terminate strings for C/C++
call addfield(omegax, "realtempx"//char(0));
call addfield(omegay, "realtempy"//char(0));
call addfield(omegaz, "realtempz"//char(0));
! defined in FortranAdaptorAPI.h
call coprocess()
end if
end subroutine NSadaptor1D
end module NSadaptor_module
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