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OERbit is a Drupal-based publishing platform for publicly licensed learning resources (OER/OCW)
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OERbit is a Drupal-based publishing platform to share publicly licensed learning resources (OER/OCW) with the world.

Original development

OERbit was built on Drupal by Switchback and Open.Michigan at the University of Michigan. The software provides a basic set of functionality for OER/OCW publishers, including course and resource-based navigation, flexible content hierarchies, Creative Commons license integration, and RSS distribution, as well as RDFa output.

Getting started

To get started with OERbit, please read the overview at and review the install instructions on that site.


All documentation is located on the Open.Michigan wiki and will be kept updated as new versions emerge.

Mailing list

Although we make no promises or guarantees to respond or actually be helpful, questions, rants (especially rants), raves, general comments are welcome on the OERbit Google group. The archives are publicly viewable but posting is restricted to members so please join and let us know your thoughts on OERbit.


You are encouraged to fork this code on Github. We'd love to receive patches, enhancements etc.

Tracking Development

The master branch of git will always be the latest code and should always work. The x.x-stable branches will relate to released versions that we will actually run in production. As the name implies, these branches will always be stable, working code.

Bug reports, enhancements, new feature requests

If you encounter a bug; would like an existing feature enhanced; or would like to request a new feature please look at the issue tracker on Github. Search through the tracker and if you don't see something similar to what you'd like to say, please create a new one. If someone has already said what you were intending to say, you may vote for that issue.

If you're not on Github, please sign up, it's free if you'd like to participate in projects or if you'd like to host open source projects. It's also quite fun to participate in projects on Github. If you're really not interested, you may join the OERbit Google group and share your thoughts on the group.


OERbit and Drupal are released under the GPLv2 license:

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