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Deploy Archive

Build Status Ansible Role

Deploys an archive. Downloads, extracts and optionally creates a symlink.


This role does not install tools such as unzip or bzip that may be required for extracting archives.

This role does not set become: yes on tasks. If you do not include this in your playbook you must ensure the Ansible user has write permissions on the destination directory.

Role Variables


  • deploy_archive_dest_dir: The destination directory, will be automatically created
  • deploy_archive_src_url: URL to the archive


  • deploy_archive_sha256: SHA256 checksum, ignored if empty
  • deploy_archive_filename: Name of the downloaded file, default is the basename of the URL path.
  • deploy_archive_symlink: Absolute path of a symlink to the unarchived deployment, ignored if empty
  • deploy_archive_internal_root: Target of the symlink within the destination directory
  • deploy_archive_notifies: List of handlers to notify if the downloaded archive changes

Example playbook

See playbook.yml

Author Information

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