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Common variables and tasks for OME applications
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OMERO Common

Build Status Ansible Role

Common variables and handlers for other OMERO application Ansible roles.

Role Variables

All variables are optional. You should use the defaults unless you have a good reason not to.

  • omero_common_basedir: The parent directory for OMERO applications.


This role includes standalone handlers which can be use to restart omero-server and omero-web without depending on the corresponding Ansible roles. This may be useful when modifying the configuration of OMERO after installation.

If you know that the component you wish to restart is installed you can notify:

  • restart omero-server
  • restart omero-web
  • restart nginx

If the component may or may not be installed you can notify:

  • restart omero-server if installed
  • restart omero-web if installed
  • restart nginx if installed

Note that in the latter case the installation check is done when this role is run, not when the handlers are run, so there is a potential race condition.

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