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OMERO Server

Build Status Ansible Role

Installs and configures OMERO.server.


A PostgreSQL server is required.

Role Variables

All variables are optional, see defaults/main.yml for the full list

OMERO.server version.

  • omero_server_release: The OMERO release, e.g. 5.2.2. The default is present which will install the latest server if no server is installed, but will not modify an existing server. Use latest to automatically upgrade when a new version is released.
  • omero_server_ice_version: The ice version.

Database connection parameters and initialisation.

  • omero_server_dbhost: Database host
  • omero_server_dbuser: Database user
  • omero_server_dbname: Database name
  • omero_server_dbpassword: Database password
  • omero_server_rootpassword: OMERO root password, default omero. This is only used when initialising a new database.

OMERO.server configuration.

  • omero_server_config_set: A dictionary of config-key: value which will be used for the initial OMERO.server configuration, default empty. value can be a string, or an object (list, dictionary) that will be automatically converted to quoted JSON. Note configuration can also be done pre/post installation using the server/config conf.d style directory.

OMERO system user, group, permissions, and data directory. You may need to change these for in-place imports.

  • omero_server_system_user: OMERO.server system user, default omero-server.
  • omero_server_system_user_manage: Create or update the OMERO.server system user if necessary, default True.
  • omero_server_system_uid: OMERO system user ID (default automatic)
  • omero_server_system_umask: OMERO system user umask, may need to be changed for in-place imports
  • omero_server_system_managedrepo_group: OMERO system group for the ManagedRepository
  • omero_server_datadir_mode: Permissions for OMERO data directories apart from ManagedRepository
  • omero_server_datadir_managedrepo_mode: Permissions for OMERO ManagedRepository
  • omero_server_datadir: OMERO data directory, default /OMERO
  • omero_server_datadir_managedrepo: OMERO ManagedRepository directory

OMERO.server systemd configuration.

  • omero_server_systemd_setup: Create and start the omero-server systemd service, default True

  • omero_server_systemd_limit_nofile: Systemd limit for number of open files (default ignore)

  • omero_server_systemd_require_network: Should omero systemd services require a network before starting? Default True.

  • omero_server_systemd_after: A list of strings with additional service names to appear in systemd unit file "After" statements. Default empty/none.

  • omero_server_systemd_requires: A list of strings with additional service names to appear in systemd unit file "Requires" statements. Default empty/none.

  • omero_server_database_backupdir: Dump the OMERO database to this directory before upgrading, default empty (disabled)

Unstable features

Variables :

  • omero_server_datadir_chown: Recursively set the owner on the OMERO data directory, use if the directory has been copied with an incorrect owner, default False
  • omero_server_datadir_bioformatscache: OMERO BioFormatsCache directory, a symlink {omero_server_datadir}/BioFormatsCache will be created if not the default. Directory paths must not have a trailing /.
  • omero_server_database_manage: Initialise or upgrade the OMERO database if required, default True, if False the database will not be modified and all omero_server_db* will be ignored (omero.db.* OMERO configuration parameters will not be updated with the corresponding omero_server_db* values)
  • omero_server_datadir_manage: Initialise of modify the top level of OMERO data directories, deafult True, if False no data directories will be created or modified, and the configuration parameter will not be set
  • omero_server_systemd_start: Automatically enable and start/restart systemd omero-server service, default True. This is intended for use in server images where installation may be separate from configuration and execution.
  • omero_server_always_reset_config: Clear the existing configuration before regenerating, default True.

Configuring OMERO.server

This role regenerates the OMERO configuration file using the configuration files and helper script in /opt/omero/server/config. omero_server_config_set can be used for simple configurations, for anything more complex consider creating one or more configuration files under: /opt/omero/server/config/ with the extension .omero.

Manual configuration changes (omero config ...) will be lost following a restart of omero-server with systemd, you can disable this by setting omero_server_always_reset_config: False. Manual configuration changes will never be copied during an upgrade.

See for a proposal to add support for a conf.d style directory directly into OMERO.

Example Playbooks

# Install the latest release, including PostgreSQL on the same server
- hosts: localhost
  - role: openmicroscopy.omero-server
    - user: omero
      password: omero
      databases: [omero]

# Install or upgrade to a particular version, use an external database
- hosts: localhost
  - openmicroscopy.omero-server
    omero_server_release: 5.3.1
    omero_server_dbuser: db_user
    omero_server_dbname: db_name
    omero_server_dbpassword: db_password

Author Information