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Backup PostgreSQL database servers
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PostgreSQL Backup

Setup a cron job for regular full PostgreSQL database dumps.

Assumes the local postgres has password-less access to all databases (this is the default when installing PostgreSQL server).


This requires a cron daemon to already be running. This should be the default on most systems.

Role Variables


  • postgresql_backup_dir: Save backups in this directory


  • postgresql_backup_filename_format: A filename containing unix date format sequences, default {{ ansible_hostname }}-%Y%m%d-%H%M%S.pgdump. This can be used to automatically overwrite backups on a rolling basis.
  • postgresql_backup_frequency: This must match one of the standard /etc/cron.* directories, typically either daily (default), hourly, weekly or monthly.
  • postgresql_backup_minimum_expected_size: The minimum size in bytes of the backup file. The cron job will return an error if the file is smaller than this.

Example playbook

# This will name the backup file /nfs/backups/HOSTNAME-Mon.pgdump
# where Mon will be replaced by the abbreviated day of the week, resulting
# in daily backups on a rolling weekly cycle
- hosts: postgresql-servers
  - role: postgresql-backup
    postgresql_backup_dir: /nfs/backups
    postgresql_backup_filename_format: "{{ ansible_hostname }}-%a.pgdump"
    postgresql_backup_minimum_expected_size: 100000

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