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Generate SSL certificates
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SSL Certificates

Build Status Ansible Role

Manage SSL certificates for web-servers.

Optionally generate self-signed SSL certificates for internal testing.

Role Variables

Defaults: defaults/main.yml

Optional variables:

  • ssl_certificate_public_path: Server path to SSL public certificate
  • ssl_certificate_intermediate_path: Server path to SSL intermediate certificate(s)
  • ssl_certificate_bundled_path: Server path to SSL bundled public and intermediate certificates (e.g. for Nginx)
  • ssl_certificate_key_path: Server path to SSL certificate key
  • ssl_certificate_combined_path: Server path to SSL combined certificate and key (e.g. for Haproxy), set to empty to disable
  • ssl_certificate_public_content: Text content of the certificate, for instance from vault
  • ssl_certificate_intermediate_content: Text content of the intermediate certificate(s)
  • ssl_certificate_key_content: Text content of the certificate key
  • ssl_certificate_selfsigned_create: Create a self-signed certificate if necessary, default True
  • ssl_certificate_selfsigned_subject: Self-signed certificate subject
  • ssl_certificate_selfsigned_days: Self-signed certificate validity (days)


This role notifies a listener ssl certificate changed when any changes are made. This should be used to trigger a restart of any services dependent on the certificates.

Example Playbooks

Create a self-signed certificate with defaults and restart Nginx (assumed to be already installed and configured):

- hosts: all
    - role: ssl-certificate
    - name: restart nginx
      listen: ssl certificate changed
        name: nginx
        state: restarted

Install certificates stored locally on machine running Ansible:

- hosts: all
    - role: ssl-certificate
      ssl_certificate_public_content: "{{ lookup('file', '/path/to/server.crt') + '\n' }}"
      ssl_certificate_key_content: "{{ lookup('file', '/path/to/server.key') + '\n' }}"
      ssl_certificate_selfsigned_create: False

Note: the additional newline being added after the lookup content is to correct Ansible bug

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