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Add reader for Ventana .bif files #3336

merged 27 commits into from Jul 3, 2019
Changes from 1 commit
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27 commits
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Initial Ventana .bif reader
melissalinkert Sep 26, 2018
Progress on tile stitching for the full resolution image
melissalinkert Oct 12, 2018
Use full resolution tile positions to assemble lower resolution images
melissalinkert Nov 15, 2018
Average a subset of recorded overlaps instead of using overlap list
melissalinkert Nov 15, 2018
Add "ventana.split_tiles" boolean option
melissalinkert Nov 15, 2018
Populate physical pixel sizes
melissalinkert Nov 16, 2018
Speed up subresolution reading by reducing the number of tile decodes
melissalinkert Nov 16, 2018
Reduce image width and height by the total number of overlap pixels
melissalinkert Nov 17, 2018
Fix overlap removal for images with multiple AOIs
melissalinkert Nov 17, 2018
Always adjust the Y coordinate of every other column in an AOI
melissalinkert Nov 17, 2018
Fix image names when resolutions are not flattened
melissalinkert Nov 17, 2018
Clean up line lengths and add a few more comments
melissalinkert Nov 17, 2018
Use the same units for physical sizes and positions
melissalinkert Nov 19, 2018
Fix compile errors
melissalinkert Feb 27, 2019
Ventana: fix magnification
melissalinkert Feb 20, 2019
Ventana: adjust XY size to match AOI bounds
melissalinkert Feb 21, 2019
Adjust XY coordinate calculation for low resolution tiles
melissalinkert Feb 25, 2019
Define a bounding box for each AOI so that column offsetting is trimmed
melissalinkert Feb 28, 2019
Ventana: treat as normal TIFF if no scanned areas defined
melissalinkert Mar 25, 2019
Ventana: turn off series splitting in underlying TIFF reader
melissalinkert Mar 29, 2019
Ventana: override getThumbSize* to match openThumbBytes
melissalinkert Mar 29, 2019
Ventana: fall back to AOI position if the index field is missing
melissalinkert Mar 29, 2019
Fix warnings
melissalinkert Mar 30, 2019
Check for "iScan" in the XML tag during isThisType
melissalinkert Apr 1, 2019
Ventana: don't allow the same tile to be decompressed twice in a sing…
melissalinkert Apr 9, 2019
TIFF: reduce array allocations and unpacking method calls
melissalinkert Apr 9, 2019
Fix typo in setting up pixel unpacking for <8 bit data
melissalinkert Apr 25, 2019
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Just for now

Average a subset of recorded overlaps instead of using overlap list

A lot of trial and error indicates that the recorded overlap list for
each AOI does not indicate the total number of overlaps to be removed.
Individual overlap values are also sometimes incorrect by a significant

This takes the approach of averaging high-confidence overlaps to produce
a single value for each of X and Y, which are then applied to all tiles
in the AOI.
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melissalinkert committed Nov 15, 2018
commit 21520c1e5b269df015a71881216d9592cd12e502
@@ -380,6 +380,8 @@ else if (v[0].equals("mag")) {

// now process TIFF tiles and overlap data to get the real coordinates for each tile
// largest tile index is in upper right corner
// smallest tile index is in lower left corner (snake ordering)
int tileCols = core.get(0).sizeX / tileWidth;
for (AreaOfInterest area : areas) {
int tileRow = area.yOrigin / tileHeight;
@@ -393,30 +395,51 @@ else if (v[0].equals("mag")) {

// largest tile index is in upper right corner
// smallest tile index is in lower left corner (snake ordering)
// list of overlaps is not authoritative
// some values will be wrong, and some overlaps will be missing
// average the RIGHT values and apply the average to all tiles
// then average the UP values and apply to all tiles

HashMap<Integer, Integer> columnYAdjust = new HashMap<Integer, Integer>();
double rightSum = 0.0;
double upSum = 0.0;
int rightCount = 0;
int upCount = 0;
for (Overlap overlap : area.overlaps) {
int thisRow = getTileRow(overlap.a, area.tileRows, area.tileColumns);
int thisCol = getTileColumn(overlap.a, area.tileRows, area.tileColumns);
if (overlap.confidence < 98) {
if (overlap.direction.equals("RIGHT")) {
for (int col=0; col<=thisCol; col++) {
int currentIndex = (tileRow + thisRow) * tileCols + (tileCol + col);
tiles[currentIndex].realX += overlap.x;
int currentIndex = (tileRow + thisRow) * tileCols + (tileCol + thisCol);
tiles[currentIndex].realY += overlap.y;
rightSum += overlap.x;
columnYAdjust.put(getTileColumn(overlap.a, area.tileRows, area.tileColumns), overlap.y);
else if (overlap.direction.equals("UP")) {
for (int row=thisRow; row<area.tileRows; row++) {
int currentIndex = (tileRow + row) * tileCols + (tileCol + thisCol);
tiles[currentIndex].realY -= overlap.y;
upSum += overlap.y;
else {
throw new FormatException("Unsupported overlap direction: " + overlap.direction);
if (rightCount > 0) {
rightSum /= rightCount;
if (upCount > 0) {
upSum /= upCount;

for (int row=0; row<area.tileRows; row++) {
for (int col=0; col<area.tileColumns; col++) {
int index = (tileRow + row) * tileCols + (tileCol + col);
tiles[index].realX -= (rightSum * col);
tiles[index].realY -= (upSum * row);
if (columnYAdjust.containsKey(col) && columnYAdjust.get(col) > 0) {
tiles[index].realY += columnYAdjust.get(col);


@@ -499,6 +522,7 @@ private void parseXML(String xml) throws IOException {
overlap.x = DataTools.parseDouble(joint.getAttribute("OverlapX")).intValue();
overlap.y = DataTools.parseDouble(joint.getAttribute("OverlapY")).intValue();
overlap.direction = joint.getAttribute("Direction");
overlap.confidence = Integer.parseInt(joint.getAttribute("Confidence"));
@@ -545,6 +569,7 @@ public String toString() {
public int b;
public int x;
public int y;
public int confidence;
public String direction;

public int compareTo(Overlap o) {
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