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OMERO.searcher provides content-based image search for OMERO.

See for prerequisites and installation instructions.

Basic instructions

  1. Calculate features for images in a dataset, project, or screen by running the Feature Calculation script using the default parameters.
  2. Select one or more reference images, click the Searcher tab in the right-hand pane, and search.
  3. Search filters can be used to limit the search to a particular user, dataset, project or screen.

Known issues

This is beta quality software.

  • Features calculated by OMERO.searcher are stored independently of the OMERO repository.
  • Features should be calculated by a group owner to avoid problems with permissions.
  • The OMERO.searcher web-app requires direct access to the features store.
  • Multiple simultaneous feature calculation processes will conflict with each other.
  • If images are modified, moved or deleted then the feature Content database will become desynchronized. If errors occur when performing a search it may be necesssary to run the Rebuild ContentDB script.


All feedback, good or bad, is always welcome: