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OME (Open Microscopy Environment) develops open-source software and data format standards for the storage and manipulation of biological light microscopy data. A joint project between universities, research establishments and industry in Europe and the USA, OME has over 20 active researchers with strong links to the microscopy community. Funded …
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Merge pull request #4102 from jburel/rebased/develop/path-display

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latest commit e1a23aa0f7
@joshmoore joshmoore authored
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components Merge pull request #4102 from jburel/rebased/develop/path-display
docs Clean up VM installation folder
etc remove graphs wrap configuration property
examples removing examples as they are pushed now to webtest
lib Remove deprecated JarBundler
sql correctly read SQL upgrade scripts that have Unicode literals
.classpath-template Clean up classpath-template
.gitignore Strip components/validator from .gitignore
.gitmodules Remove documentation submodule
.project Fixing top-level .project name
.travis.yml Add documentation links
CMakeLists.txt cmake: Decouple bioformats cmake logic Adding contributing docs
LICENSE.txt [LICENSE CHANGE] LGPL 2.1 --> GPL 2 BUmp version to 5.1 using
build.bat No need for the bat to be 755 Add IgnoreUnrecognizedVMOptions flag
build.xml Merge pull request #4095 from sbesson/rebased/develop/rebased/dev_5_1…
history.txt Further additions from Josh
ivy.xml Removing OmeroImporter component entirely.
omero.class Changing omero.class to Java 1.5 (Fixes r7365)
setup.cfg Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into decoupling_develop
test.xml Removing OmeroImporter component entirely.

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