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OME (Open Microscopy Environment) develops open-source software and data format standards for the storage and manipulation of biological light microscopy data. A joint project between universities, research establishments and industry in Europe and the USA, OME has over 20 active researchers with strong links to the microscopy community. Funded …
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  OMERO.insight Project
  The OMERO.insight Project is a sub-project of the Open Microscopy Environment
  Project (OME, that focuses on delivering a
  client for the visualization and manipulation of both image data and metadata
  maintained at an OMERO server site. 
  OMERO.insight is completely written in Java.

  Directory Contents
  This directory is the repository of the software artifacts of the 
  OMERO.insight Project. Its contents are as follows:
    + build: This directory contains the tools to compile, run, test, and 
          deliver the application.
    + config: Various configuration files required by the application to run.
    + docgen: Documentation artifacts that are used to build actual documents.
          These are organized in two sub-directories: javadoc and xdocs.  The 
          former only contains resources (like CSS files) to generate 
          programmer's documentation (JavaDoc) -- the actual documentation 
          contents are obtained from the source code.  The latter contains both
          resources (like stylesheets and DHTML code) to generate all other 
          kinds of documentation (like design and users documents) and the 
          actual documentation contents in the form of XML/HTML files.
    + launch: Launcher scripts and installation instructions bundled with the 
          default application distribution file.  Its sub-dirs contain further
          resources to build platform-specific distributions.
    + legal: Terms and conditions under which the various artifacts in this
    		repository are released.  A README file specifies which license
    		applies to which artifact.
    + LIB: All library files required by the application.  Its test sub-dir
           contains additional libraries required by the test code.
    + SRC: Contains the application source files.
    + TEST: The test code.
    + CodeTemplate: This file describes the coding style that all source files
          must conform to.
    + README: This file.

  Building OMERO.insight
  The compilation, testing, launch, and delivery of the application are
  automated by means of an Ant ( build file, located
  under the build directory. In order to perform a build, all you need is
  a JDK -- version 1.5 or later. Move to the build directory and, from the 
  command line, enter:
      java build
  This will display the available targets to compile, run, test, and create a
  distribution bundle. Use the target you wish, for example:
     java build all
  Because all the tools needed to build the software are already included in
  the build directory, you don't need to have Ant on your machine.
  If you wish to use Ant instead, you can still do it by using the build.xml
  file under the build directory. However, there are some dependencies to
  satisfy before; these are clearly documented in the build.xml file itself.  


  This software is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public 
  License (GPL), a copy of which may be found in the gpl.txt file under the
  'legal' directory. The README file in that directory states which other
  licenses apply to third-party artifacts used by our software.

  Copyright (C) 2006-2009 University of Dundee. All rights reserved.

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