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minor theme modifications for using fasto on



  • text 404 without "oh boy"
  • instant focus in search input
  • footer "made by" => "theme made by"
  • footer only 2 columns
  • modified poster image style
  • mobile header more calm and compact
  • accessibility: darker default font for better readability
  • modified category colors
  • new web fonts
  • new and experimental CSS features as progressive enhancement
  • utility classes for custom layout

optional web fonts (non-free)

  • optional MyFontsWebfontsKit NOT free to use!
  • (TODO fix wp_dequeue_style and remove action unloading obsolete web fonts from google; workaround: deactivate enqueuing in parent theme)

The optional web fonts, Healthy Freak by Oleg Voznyy, and Liebe Ruth by Ulrike Rausch have been purchased by Ingo Steinke via (Order # M12889860, Webfont Build ID 4424710).

While wp-fasto-child-theme is distributed under the GPL license,the optional MyFontsWebfontsKit is not covered by the GPL and may not be used on other websites without a valid license.


  • create or download a zip archive of the directory fasto-child
  • open WordPress administration (usually /wp-admin)
  • open themes page
  • add theme by uploading zip file
  • activate theme


docker-compose up

Wait until WordPress and themes have been installed, then you should see something like

local-wp-cli | Success: Installed 1 of 1 themes. local-wp-cli exited with code 0

Open wp-admin in your browser:


Log in with user admin and password secret.

Go to Appearance -> Themes.

Optional manual setup

  • Install WordPress
  wp core install 
    --title="Local Wordpress By Docker" 
  • Install themes

either use the CLI

  wp theme install --activate fasto;


  • checkout the original fasto theme as parent theme into /themes/fasto (download from WordPress plugin page or, with subversion installed:
cd wordpress/themes
svn co fasto
  • mount the themes folder into a local WordPress docker container

Optional: Install WordPress Plugins

Inside your WordPress docker container, you can use wp-cli ...

docker-compose run --rm cli bash
cd /var/www/html/

... to install any plugin like, for example, Yoast SEO:

./wp-cli.phar plugin install wordpress-seo # Yoast SEO

Copy Content

Create or copy relevant content e.g.footer widgets, more articles etc.

Child Theme Development Resources