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| Racks |
This is a rails Web application for managing your datacenters and their contents.
These are some things you should know in order to deploy and use it:
The API gives the possibility to get an XML file with the devices used by a certain customer. The customer is identified using his customer number.
To authenticate the request sent to the API an MD5 digest of a pre-shared key, today's date, and the customer number is used.
A valid request is a POST sent to: http://place-where-racks-is-hosted/api/get_devices_for_customer/[customer number]
In the body of the request there should be a parameter that looks like this: (in Ruby)
secret=[Digest::MD5.hexdigest("pre_shared_key" + + customer_number.to_s)]
The shared secret is saved into a "secrets.yml" file in the config folder, the file has one entry:
pre_shared_key: [pre_shared_key]
For obvious reasons this file isn't under version control.
- Automate the entry of interface names on the iPhone layout.