Docker compose for starting local OpenML instances
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OpenML Docker compose images/scripts for local development setup (Linux/Windows)

For local dev environment setup only, Insecure & Not for Production Setup


  • current only works on port 80
  • wiki powered by gollum is not working yet


For Linux: docker commands assume you can use docker without sudo (your user is in docker group, ex: sudo usermod -aG docker $USER). Otherwise prefix docker commands with sudo.


Clone this repository & clone OpenML repo/branch inside

(temporary: using enable-docker-changes branch)

git clone

cd openml-docker-dev

git clone -b enable-docker-changes

Fill in Docker-compose Configuration

edit docker-compose.yml mainly define a secure mysql password:

(leaving the default will make docker-compose fail)

Fill in OpenML Configuration file

copy OpenML\openml_OS\config\BASE_CONFIG-BLANK.php to OpenML\openml_OS\config\BASE_CONFIG.php

Check & change BASE_CONFIG.php as appropriate, ex: (mysql password)

Disable email activation in OpenML\openml_OS\ion_auth.php

Build images & start service containers using docker-compose

on the openml-docker-dev root folder, where docker-compose.yml is located run:

docker-compose up

(images can take few minutes to build for the first time, after start wait a few seconds for services to be ready, ex: MySQL ready for connections)

Check phpmyadmin at http://localhost:8080/

Init dbs, admin user & elastic search indexes

Execute in a new window/shell:

docker exec -it openmldockerdev_website_1 php index.php cron init_local_env

(take note the generated admin password, and wait to finish, can take 1-2mins)

Change data folder owner to www-data apache user in container, allow for logs/uploads in data folder, resets log file permissions created in previous init step

Execute in a new window/shell:

docker exec -it openmldockerdev_website_1 chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/html/data

Should be running now! Final tests:

Login on http://localhost with admin and saved password

Check elastic search

Test upload dataset & wait for feature calculation

Note: Files in OpenML cloned repo are mounted inside the website container, any change will reflect immediately on the site