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OpenML Frontend

This is a novel standalone frontend for OpenML, built on Flask, React, and Dash.

Building React

If you haven't already, install a recent version of NPM (6 or higher). Next, due to a recent bad webpack update, install the following:

npm install webpack@^4.20.2 webpack-cli@^3.1.1

Build the app by running

npm run debug

Starting Flask

If you haven't already, install Flask with pip install Flask. Start the service with:


You should now see it running in your browser at:


How to contribute

We welcome all contributions to:

  • Style and layout
  • Data visualizations
  • Search functionality
  • Bugfixes and open issues

If you want to contribute new features, or you need additional functionality from the OpenML server, please open an issue.

OpenML Server interaction

The frontend mainly works on data from an ElasticSearch index of OpenML data. Additional interactions with an OpenML backend (e.g. dataset upload) go via the OpenML REST API


This code is currently underdocumented. We are working on this. Feel very free to open issues to ask questions!