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This repository contains the code for the generation of the static website. The site provides a description of the project and serves links to documentation, downloads, videos, etc. The development of the OpenMM project itself takes place at

The site is deployed to the S3 bucket managed through the Pande Group AWS account. The site should be automatically re-generated and uploaded using Travis CI with each commit to the master branch of this repository.

Writing a page

Each page should include Jekyll "front-matter" which describes the page. For example,

title: OpenMM Documentation
layout: page

sets the jekyll "layout" to page and sets the HTML title attribute to "OpenMM Documentation". We provide these layouts:

  • page: A basic bootstrap template. You're reponsible for almost everything in the <body> tag. This layout includes css and js files, and appends a footer to the end of the body. If you're using this layout, you should be writing html. Historical note: This site used to be completely static (ie not generated). This layout comprised a minimal refactoring. You could probably make it more elegant if you're inclined to do so.
  • nicepage: This sets up bootstrap containers and a nice heading. Additional front-matter options includes lead which will add some text to the heading block. Use this layout if you're writing markdown.

Building locally

You can follow the Github pages documentation, although we don't use Github pages per se.

Install ruby which gives you gem. Use that to install bundler

gem install bundler           # install dependency manager
bundle install                # Install dependencies
bundle exec jekyll serve      # Build and serve the site

That final command seems needlessly complicated. Use the included so you don't have to remember it.

Pushing to the preview site

Merge your changes to the preview branch to automatically build and push to the preview site, located at

When satisfied with the preview, merge your changes from preview into the master branch to automatically push to the main live site