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The PAGE-ICE Integrated Assessment Model, including both Excel and Mimi versions
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PAGE-ICE v6.22 Nonlinear Arctic Feedbacks - Default.xlsx
PAGE-ICE v6.22 Technical Description - v 24 Apr 2019.pdf

PAGE-ICE - Open-Source Repository for the PAGE-ICE Integrated Assessment Model

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PAGE-ICE (Policy Analysis of Greenhouse Effect - Ice, Climate, Economics) is a cost-benefit Integrated Assessment Model.
This repository contains two versions of the PAGE-ICE, implemented in Excel using @RISK and in Julia using Mimi.

The PAGE-ICE model is introduced in Yumashev et al. (2019). It extends PAGE09 (Hope, 2011, Hope 2006) with nonlinear arctic feedbacks, empirical market damages, IPCC scenarios, and other changes. See the technical documentation for more information.

The original version of PAGE-ICE is written in Excel, like the previous versions of PAGE. The Excel version of PAGE-ICE requires the @RISK Monte Carlo system. You can download the Excel version, which features a Cockpit for setting up the model and a Results tab for the main result.

The model has also been ported to the Julia programming language, using the Mimi framework. The Mimi version of PAGE-ICE is based on Mimi-PAGE-2009 (Moore et al., 2018). The documentation for Mimi-PAGE-2009.jl can be accessed here, and the code is available in this repository. More details on downloading and running the Mimi version of the model are available below.

Mimi Software Requirements

You need to install julia 1.1 or newer to run this model.

You probably also want to install the Mimi package into your julia environment, so that you can use some of the tools in there:

pkg> add Mimi

Running the Mimi Model

The model uses the Mimi framework and it is highly recommended to read the Mimi documentation first to understand the code structure. For starter code on running the model just once, see the code in the file examples/main.jl.

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