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OpenMRS Planet

This repository is used to configure the RSS feeds for The OpenMRS Community uses a feed aggregagator hosted by OSUOSL. When changes are pushed to the configuration in this repository, they are automatically deployed by OSUOSL via Jenkins.

Which feeds are included?

We include any RSS feeds within or outside the community with OpenMRS content. For blogs that may contain non-OpenMRS content, we prefer to filter to OpenMRS-related posts (e.g., only posts categorized or tagged as OpenMRS).

For example, we add blogs for Google Summer of Code and blogs of community members to the aggregator.

How do I add my blog or a relevated feed?

Submit a pull request to this repository including the feed. Add it to the bottom of the list following the same format – that is, the web addrsess of ATOM or RSS content in square braces followed by a line with name = and the title for the feed (e.g., the name of the author):

name = Title for the feed here

If you aren't sure how to submit a pull request with your feed, then ask for help on OpenMRS Talk or within our IRC channel.

How to feeds get removed?

You can submit a pull request to remove a feed or ask someone in the community for help. Anyone may remove their own blog if they wish and we may occasionally pull out entries that are no longer functional, no longer active, or no longer relevant for the OpenMRS community.

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