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QA Dashboard: Project Status

Platform (core)

Build Status Build Status Build Status Build Status
Install & Upgrade Tests
Platform Simple Installation
Platform Advanced Installation
Platform Postgres Installation
Platform Upgrade
Platform Testing Installation

Reference Application

2.x RefApp Workflow Tests
All Chrome Tests Build Status
All Firefox Tests
RefApp 2.x Clinical Visit
RefApp 2.x Patient Condition
RefApp 2.x Vitals And Triaging
RefApp 2.x Inpatient
RefApp 2.x Registration
RefApp 2.x Roles And Privileges
RefApp 2.x Find Patient
RefApp 2.x Person
RefApp 2.x Patient Demographics
RefApp 2.x User Account
RefApp 2.x Patient Record
RefApp 2.x Patient Encounter
RefApp 2.x Report
RefApp 2.x Phone Number Validation
RefApp 2.x Provider
RefApp 2.x Add User & Roles
RefApp 2.x Form
RefApp 2.x Patient Allergies
RefApp 2.x Visit Type
RefApp 2.x Visit Note
RefApp 2.x Patient Visit
RefApp 2.x Login
RefApp 2.x Service
RefApp 2.x Open Concept Lab
2.x RefApp Feature-Specific Tests*
Legacy Selenium Chrome Build Status
Legacy Selenium Firefox
Legacy UI Build Status
* Detailed list of Legacy Selenium Tests here.
3.x RefApp Workflow Tests
3.x Demo Build Build Status

Concept Management Tools

OpenMRS Dictionary Manager
Dictionary Manager
Basic Dictionary Management (Create, Edit, Copy, Version and Release)
Organization Management
Loading into EMR ____ Coming soon
OCL Module (Subscription Module)
OCL Subscription Module


OpenMRS BDD QA framework, Currently tracking;

Installing dependencies

  • mvn clean install -DskipTests=true


Set your test configurations in qaframework-bdd-tests/src/test/resources/org/openmrs/uitestframework/ MySQL password should be the same for initialSetupTests as openmrs password

Running test projects

Navigate into bdd tests module

  • cd qaframework-bdd-tests

Running Ref app selenium tests

  • npm run refappSelenium

Running Platform Simple Installation test

  • npm run simpleCoreInstall

Running Platform Advanced Installation test

  • npm run advancedCoreInstall

Running Platform postgres Installation test

  • npm run postgresCoreInstall

Running Platform Testing Installation test

  • npm run testingCoreInstall

Running Platform Upgrade test

  • npm run coreUpgrade

RefApp 3.x E2E tests

Setting up the project

  1. Clone the project
     git clone
     cd openmrs-contrib-qaframework
  2. Navigate into bdd tests module
     cd qaframework-bdd-tests
  3. Install the dependencies
    npm install

Setup up the local instance.

  1. Clone the repository and navigate

    git clone -b 3.x
    cd openmrs-distro-referenceapplication
  2. Package the distribution and prepare the run

    mvn clean package
  • If the build fails, try deleting existing containers
    cd run/docker
    docker compose down -v
  • Then package the distribution again
  1. Run the app
    docker-compose up

Running tests`

There are two ways of running tests:

  1. Running with cypress runner Open the Cypress runner with

    cypress open

    and pick a test from the GUI.

  2. Running in command line

    Run the desired test using npm run, e.g.

    npm run refapp3Login

    See the scripts section of package.json.

Tests might be timed out on slow internet connections. In that case, try increasing the defaultCommandTimeout setting in the 'cypress.json' file.

File structure

├── cypress
│   ├── fixtures // Test fixtures (e.g. attachments)
│   │   └── test_image.jpeg
│   ├── integration
│   │   └── cucumber
│   │       └── step_definitions
│   │           ├── refapp-2.x
│   │           │   └── login.js
│   │           └── refapp-3.x // Cypress tests for the refapp 3.x
│   │               ├── 01-login
│   │               │   └── login.js
│   │               ...
│   ├── plugins
│   │   └── index.js
│   ├── support
│   │   ├── commands.js // Custom commands for Cypress
│   │   └── index.js
│   ├── videos  // Screen recordings (set "video": true in cypress.json)
│   └── tsconfig.json
├── src
│   └── test
│       ├── java
│       └── resources
│           ├── features
│           │   ├── platform
│           │   ├── refapp-2.x
│           │   └── refapp-3.x // Cucumber feature files for the refapp 3.x
│           │       ├── 01-login
│           │       │   └── login.feature
│           │       ...
├── target
├── cypress.json // Cypress configuration file
├── package.json
├── pom.xml

Writing a new test

  1. Create a new directory with your feature file under /qaframework-bdd-tests/src/test/resources/features/refapp-3.x/.

    The name of the directory should be <sequence>-<name>.

    Example of a feature file

  2. Create a new directory with the same name under cypress/integration/cucumber/step_definitions/refapp-3.x/ to store the step definition file. See the cypress-cucumber-preprocessor docs

  3. Run the test using either:

    • Command line: cypress run --spec <path-to-feature-file>

      (You can simplify the command by adding it to the npm scripts section. See this example.)

    • Cypress runner: cypress open and choose the test

Creating a GitHub workflow

  1. Create a new GitHub workflow file under .github/workflows/ directory. An example workflow can be found here.
  2. Add the workflow badge to the readme file under 3.x RefApp section. It should take the following format:
    [![<workflow name>](<link-to-the-workflow>/badge.svg)](<link-to-the-workflow>)

Environment variables

The environment variables are stored in the cypress.json file. The variables can be accessed with Cypress.env(); e.g.,


See the Cypress docs.

Before Releasing

  • For the platform, manually run both Installation and upgrade workflows again.
  • Check all relevant builds to the release above to be sure they pass


  • We use JIRA to track issues and monitor project development. Refer to this link to view all issues and project summary: QA Kanban board JIRA.

  • To get started contributing, start working on introductory issues in JIRA and check out OpenMRS Pull Request Tips.

  • There is a detailed guide for setting up the OpenMRS QA Framework locally, checkout the guide here.


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