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Nigeria Telemedicine App

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The Nigeria Telemedicine App is light weight, easy to use telemedicine mobile app developed to make health services more accessible to the Nigerian population. Users can register themselves on the app providing basic details like their name ,phone-number and optionally a small description of their ailment. All this can be done within a minute as there is no wasting time in login and verification etc. After succesful registration the user will receive a call from a doctor as early as possible. This app is developed and maintained by OpenMRS together with a global community.


How to Contribute

This is an OpenSource project and we would be happy to see new contributors. The issues should be raised via the GitHub issue tracker. All fixes should be proposed via pull requests.

Branch Policy

We have the following branches :

  • dev All the contributions should be pushed to this branch. If you're making a contribution, you are supposed to make a pull request to dev.

    It is advisable to clone only the development branch using the following command:

    git clone -b <branch> <remote_repo>

    With Git 1.7.10 and later, add --single-branch to prevent fetching of all branches. Example, with development branch:

    git clone -b dev --single-branch

  • master The master branch contains all the stable and bug-free working code. The development branch once complete will be merged with this branch.

Development Setup

Before you begin, you should have already downloaded the Android Studio SDK and set it up correctly. You can find a guide on how to do this here: Setting up Android Studio.

Building the Code

  1. Clone the repository using HTTP: git clone

  2. Open Android Studio.

  3. Click on 'Open an existing Android Studio project'

  4. Browse to the directory where you cloned the repo and click OK.

  5. Let Android Studio import the project.

  6. Sync and build the project in Android studio.

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