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OpenMRS Allergy API Module

The Allergy API is a Java-based API that handles patient data in OpenMRS related to allergies. More specifically, the main motivations behind this API are to easily add allergy objects to patients, to change certain aspects of allergy objects for a patient such as severity and allergens in an organized fashion (through variables such as allergy ID), and to compare allergies with each other to see if they have similar properties or characteristics.


To build the module from source, clone this repo:

Then navigate into the openmrs-module-allergyapi directory and compile the module using Maven:

cd openmrs-module-allergyapi && mvn clean install

🍁 Maven and Java 8 need to be installed to successfully build and run the tests. 🍁

Wiki Pages

Page Description
Allergies Reference Refers to much of the functionality of the Allergy API
Synchronizing Allergies Describes OpenMRS Fields and other fields
Adding Rest Resources to Core Description of how to add REST resources to OpenMRS core.
2.5 Issue Tracking Description of issues for various modules in OpenMRS


OpenMRS is a highly active and engaged open-source community who would love to have more help! To contribute to APIs like this and more, sign up for an OpenMRS ID in the following link:


This project is licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0 - see the LICENSE file for details

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