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The Attachments module brings to the OpenMRS Reference Application a central place to view & manage file attachments.
Additionally it encompasses files uploaded elsewhere within OpenMRS as long as they are saved as complex obs.

A central place for attachments management

In a nutshell Attachments is a 'complex obs management module' ready to be extended to further content types and concept complex coded obs. It starts as a file viewing gallery underneath a file upload widget.

alt tag

Consistent dashboards integration

Attachments both integrates on the Clinician Facing Patient Dashboard and on the Visits & Encounters Patient Dashboard.

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Content is handled based on its MIME type

For example images are subject to a custom implementation that saves them alongside their thumbnails for faster gallery loading. Moreover a modal viewing applies for most image/* content types:

alt tag

New UI behaviours and backend handlers can be added for further content types.
You are a developer and you want to contribute? Just get in touch.

Not-yet-handled content types

When a content type is not yet provided a bespoke implementation, it can still be accessed generically as on a 'drive':

alt tag

How to try it out?

Build the master branch and install the built OMOD to your instance running the OpenMRS Reference Application:

git clone
cd openmrs-module-attachments
mvn clean install
Runtime requirements & compatibility
  • Core 1.10.5 to Platform 2.0.0 and beyond
  • Reference Application distribution 2.3+
  • Core Apps module fixed with RA-1155
    RA-1155 brings in the thumbnails on the Visits & Encounters Patient Dashboard.
    Get in touch if this is a blocker and that you cannot obtain a compatible version of Core Apps.
  • Google Chrome 51+

Get in touch

Find us on OpenMRS Talk: sign up, start a conversation and ping us with the mentions starting with @mks.. in your message.

Releases notes

Version 1.2

New features
  • Allows to add documents to closed visits.
  • Reorients images based on their EXIF metadata.
  • Cannot purge documents with missing underlying complex data file (see TRUNK-5077). This requires Core 1.10.5, 1.11.8, 1.12.1 or 2.0.5 at runtime.
  • Upload fails for portrait images with some EXIF metadata.
  • Thumbnails are not reloaded when clicking on 'show/hide details' multiple times on the patient dashboard.
  • Date/time stamps use incorrect locale on the patient dashboard.

Version 1.1

New features
  • Cross Core/Platform compatibility from 10.10.2 to 2.0.0.
  • Ensure unique naming of uploaded files because of TRUNK-5093.
  • Cannot delete attachment after editing the caption (without the need to reload the page.)

Version 1.0

New features
  • Supports specific implementations for image and PDF files.
  • Supports generic support for all other MIME types.
  • Integrates with the Reference Application clinician facing dashboard.
  • Integrates with the Reference Application patient Dashboard.
  • Allows to use webcam to capture images on desktop computers.