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OpenMRS Open Concept Lab module

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Project page

OCL Subscription Module (Design Page)

Development board

Development board

Development environment

Please make sure you have the following installed:

Next run this command to setup OpenMRS server (just the first time):

$ mvn openmrs-sdk:setup -DserverId=refapp -Ddistro=referenceapplication:2.4
# Note: Pick default values for everything except MySQL username and password

If there are any issues with setting up the server, check out OpenMRS SDK documentation

Deploy OWA module on the server:

$ mvn openmrs-sdk:deploy -DserverId=refapp -DartifactId=owa -Dversion=1.6.3

You also need to deploy module:

$ mvn openmrs-sdk:deploy -Dversion=2.17-SNAPSHOT -DserverId=refapp

Fork and clone Open Concept Lab module project:

$ mvn openmrs-sdk:clone -DartifactId=openconceptlab
$ cd openmrs-module-openconceptlab

Build and install the module on the server:

$ mvn clean install openmrs-sdk:deploy -DserverId=refapp

You can also configure the server to automatically reload classes and pages from the omod directory:

$ mvn openmrs-sdk:watch -DserverId=refapp

Run the server:

$ mvn openmrs-sdk:run -DserverId=refapp

Once you run the command you need to wait for Jetty Started message, open up a browser ang go to:


The server can be stopped from the terminal, in which it is running with the Ctrl and C (Ctrl + C) keys combination.

Every time you make changes in code in the api directory, you need to build and install the module and restart the server.

Alternatively you can upload *.omod file via Advanced Administration -> Manage Modules panel. This way you will not have to restart the server.

OCL Module is now available from the Advanced System Administration or at '/openmrs/openconceptlab/'

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