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Provider Management Module


Allows for the creation of provider roles, as well as the management of provider/provider and provider/patient relationships.


  • The Provider Management module assists in the management of health care providers by providing a means to:
    • Search for providers and edit their demographic information
    • Assign/unassign patients to providers (via relationships)
    • Assign/unassign supervisees to providers (via relationships)
  • To facilitate this, the module adds new metadata, Provider Role, which is linked directly to a Provider via foreign key.


  • OpenMRS 1.9.0+
  • UI Framework Module 1.7+
  • UI Library Module 1.4+
  • Logic Module 0.5.2 (This is required only for OpenMRS versions 1.9.*. Since the logic module is a core module for OpenMRS 1.9.*, it should automatically be available).


git clone
cd openmrs-module-providermanagement
mvn clean install

Additional Documentation

Additional documentation can be found on the community wiki page for the Provider Management Module, available here:

Reporting Issues

The Provider Management Module utilizes a JIRA page in which bugs and desired improvements can be reported, available here: