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OpenMRS UI Framework


  • The UI Framework module introduces a custom user interface framework built on top of Spring MVC and leveraging Groovy templates for views that will be the basis of the OpenMRS 2.x web application, and can also be used in OpenMRS 1.8.4+.

  • The UI framework has conventions for page and fragment controller classes and allows you to give flexible method signatures for page controller, fragment controller, and fragment action methods.



  • Major version numbers of the UI Framework module are significant, and each major version upgrade (1.x, 2.x, 3.x, etc) introduces backwards-incompatible changes. See Backwards-Compatibility across UI Framework major versions
  • This module provides only a framework and no real content. The UI Commons module provides reusable UI content.

Download the UI Framework module here.

Getting Started

In this tutorial, it is assumed that you have created a module, and you have configured things so it runs in development mode.


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