A very simple UI for the OpenMRS Platform to give access to the Addon Manager, User manager, and other tools.
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A very simple UI for the OpenMRS Platform to give access to the Addon Manager, User Manager, and other tools.


  • NodeJS
  • Npm
  • An instance of the OpenMRS platform or the reference application running

Installation and set up

1: Clone the repo from Github. Navigate to the directory you want to set up the application in and run:

$ git clone https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-owa-platformui.git
  1. Install the dependencies using:
$ npm install
  1. Update the webpack.config file
  • Set LOCAL_OWA_FOLDER to point to your owa directory in the openmrs installation on your machine. For example On a linux machine, use /Users/{username}/openmrs/{server}/owa/
  1. Create the zipped file of the application build using:
$ npm run build
  1. Upload the zipped file using the OpenMRS instance GUI or run npm run build:deploy if the output folder path is set correctly in the webpack.config file as stated in in step 3.

  2. Start the application by double clicking openmrs-owa-platformui application among the available installed OpenMRS Open Web Applications.

Running tests

To run tests 
 $ npm run test
To run coverage
 $ npm run coverage

How to contribute to this project?

  • Please read OpenMRS wiki for awareness on the code of conduct used in OpenMRS organization


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