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System Administration Open Web App

This repository contains the Open Web App developed for System Administration module MetaData Management in Admin UI Project.

Final report about the Project : More Metadata Management in AdminUI - GSoC 2017 Project

System Administration modules functionality implemented as an OWA for OpenMRS

For further documentation about OpenMRS Open Web Apps see the wiki page.


In the More Meta data Management in AdminUI project, We focused on this following functionalities,

  1. Manage modules
  2. System Information
  3. Manage Scheduler
  4. Live Log Viewer

The Project goals

  1. Migrate the legacy functionalities to the modern open web apps
  2. Increase the user experience and feasibility of the legacy functionalities
  3. Extend the usage of the legacy functionalities with REST APIs
  4. Extend the administrative features using existing functionalities
  5. Improve the problems which are identified in the legacy UI modal

OWA Development Progress

Follow this JIRA board to get information about the development progress - Open OpenMRS JIRA-System Adminstration


Manage Modules (v1.0)

  1. Implement all functionalities in the Manage Module to Open Web App.
  2. List all the installed Modules and allow admin users to control the Modules using Start, Stop and Unload actions.
  3. View the Installed module’s details with required Module’s.
  4. Upload Modules(.omod File) to the OpenMRS Server and Start uploaded Module
  5. Start All modules functionalities
  6. Search the modules from OpenMRS Modules Repo and Install to the OpenMRS Server (>v1.1)
  7. Check installed modules updates and upgrade those modules (>v1.1)
  8. More information about the required modules and aware of modules (>v.1.1)

System Information (v1.0)

  1. Provide all the information to the user
  2. Categorized and implement the Information page.
  3. Copy the SystemInformation to the clipboard (> v1.1)

Manage Scheduler (v1.0)

  1. Manage the tasks in the system
  2. Add/Modify/Unload the task definitions
  3. Scheduler/Shoutdown/ReSchedule the existing tasks

Live Log Viewer (v1.1)

  1. Get live logs from the server for the user view (privilege required)
  2. Filtering logs based on logs levels
  3. Select and copy or copy all logs from the screen (users can download the logs also)
  4. Export logs to Gist

Setup OpenMRS server

You will need JDK 1.7, maven and OpenMRS SDK. Please refer to [the wiki page] ( for installation instructions.

You need to setup a server (first time only) as follows: You should install and run the OpenWebApp Module and REST WebServices module to run this System Admin Open Web App

mvn openmrs-sdk:setup-platform -DserverId=adminmodule
mvn openmrs-sdk:install -DartifactId=owa -Dversion=1.7-SNAPSHOT -DserverId=adminmodule
mvn openmrs-sdk:install -Dversion=2.23 -DserverId=adminmodule
mvn openmrs-sdk:install -DartifactId=uiframework -Dversion=3.6 -DserverId=adminmodule
mvn openmrs-sdk:install -DartifactId=uicommons -Dversion=1.7 -DserverId=adminmodule

Now you can run the server:

mvn openmrs-sdk:run -DserverId=adminmodule

Once it says "Started Jetty Server", visit http://localhost:8080/openmrs in your browser.

Production Build

You will need NodeJS 4+ installed to do this. See the install instructions here.

Once you have NodeJS installed, you need to install Gulp and Bower (first time only) as follows:

npm install -g gulp bower

Install the dependencies (first time only):

npm install && bower install

Build the distributable using Gulp as follows:


This will create a file called file in the dist directory, which can be uploaded to the OpenMRS Open Web Apps module.


The release is automated by Travis-CI. You just need to create a new tag/release on GitHub. Before releasing set version in package.json, gulpfile.js and bintray.json and then create a new tag with name matching the release version. It should be automatically built and deployed to Bintray under


MPL 2.0 w/ HD © OpenMRS Inc.