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OpenNARS is the open source version of the NARS project. The reasoner "core" of OpenNARS is licensed under MIT.

This project attempts to uniformly explain and reproduce many cognitive facilities, including reasoning, learning, planning, etc, so as to provide a unified theory, model, and system for AI as a whole. The ultimate goal of this research is to build a thinking machine.

What makes NARS different from conventional computer systems is its ability to learn from its experience and to work with insufficient knowledge and resources.

This project is still mostly at the conceptual design and prototype development stage. If you are interested to join this research, the best place to start reading is the Wiki pages, not the source code.

Learn about NARS with Tutorials and Videos.

The current stable versions of the system are available for download. Each version contains a JAR file and some working examples. Java 8 is needed to run the recent versions. There is a discussion group of this project.

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Page list

Page Name Summary and Labels
VariableUsage When to use what variable
GraphicalUserInterface How to work with and what it displays.
ProjectStatus The current status and the plan for the near future of the project.
InferenceControl The control aspect of NARS.
Plugins How plugins can help, what they need to fulfill to be valid, and what plugins we have.
ReinforcementLearning NARS in the RL domain.
ProceduralLearning Learning temporal and procedural knowledge
NaturalLanguageProcessing How to provide natural language experience.
PerceptionInNARS How to do perception in NARS
ApplicationPrograms Example Programs using OpenNARS as AI.
InputOutputFormat The input/output format of the system
Overview A high-level overview of this NARS implementation
DataAndKnowledgeBases How to connect NARS to databases and knowledge bases.
Multi-StepExamples Inference Examples
SingleStepTestingCases Expected results of inference rules
FAQ Theory & Software FAQ
Tutorials Tutorials
NARNode Communication between reasoners over network

Implementation Details

Page Name Summary and Labels
StampInNARS The design and function of Stamp in NARS.
DataStructures What the different data structures represent


Page Name Summary and Labels
Videos Description of the Video Examples
Education Videos Education Videos (OpenNARS + NARS)

(old) Implementations

Page Name Summary and Labels
OpenNarsOneDotSix Functions and remaining issues of Open-Nars 1.6.x.
OpenNARSOneDotSixDotOne Everything about OpenNARS-1.6.1.
OpenNARSOneDotSixDotTwo What is new in OpenNARS-1.6.2.
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