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…o John V for pointing it out and suggesting a fix. I chose to simply remove the option entirly as its use is very limited and I'd rather not even have exec option in the code

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OpenNetAdmin is an IPAM (IP Address Management) tool to track your network attributes such as DNS names, IP addresses, Subnets, MAC addresses just to name a few. Through the use of plugins you can add extended it's functionality.

Recent Changes

It's been too many years since the last official version! This update is to fix a few incompatibilities with newer PHP, MYSQL and OS versions. Fundamentally not much has changed. For those interested I have been playing with a new ona-core project that is the beginnings of a true RESTful API interface. These changes should allow ONA to continue working on newer systems while the new core, and GUI is completed.

Thanks for your interest in OpenNetAdmin!

Each host or subnet can be tracked via a centralized AJAX enabled web interface that can help reduce errors. A full CLI interface is available as well to use for scripting and bulk work. We hope to provide a useful Network Management application for managing your IP subnets and hosts. Stop using spreadsheets to manage your network! Start doing proper IP address management!

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Simply download and untar into /opt/ona or other directory of your choosing. Then configure your web server to serve out /opt/ona/www. Open it in your web browser and run the install process.

Please refer to the install page on the Github Wiki for more detail



OpenNetAdmin is currently released under the GPLv2.0 license. A copy of the license is included in docs/LICENSE.

Some additional modules/plugins etc may be provided outside of the GPL licese. These will be indicated as such. The core of ONA will however be GPL.