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The release v10.05.24 is the first release of ONA the provides the plugin framework. This framework is an initial start so it will likely go through quite a bit of change as it develops along. By default the NMAP plugin will come with ONA.

Manage Plugins


To install a plugin, simply clone/untar/unzip it into the /opt/ona/www/local/plugins directory. It is recommended you clone the project as you can more easily upgrade this way.

cd /opt/ona/www/local/plugins;git clone<plugin_name>.git

Once you have placed the plugin into this directory, it should be visible in the "Plugins -> Manage Plugins" menu option. Simply find it in the list and click the Install icon and follow any instructions.

  • err - Install dialog, click this to complete plugin installation
  • help - Help icon, takes you to the plugins online documentation (if one exists)
  • plugin - Activate or deactivate a plugin. If the icon is green the plugin is active, if it is grey it is inactive. Click to toggle.

Available Plugins

The following is a list of plugins that I currently have in development. Most are functional, others are not quite ready for prime time. I'll try and release them as they become useful for general consumption.

Name Description
plugins/ona_nmap_scans Perform nmap based network audits and compare the results to data in ONA
rack_maint Track device location in physical racks
plugins/puppet_facts Gather puppet facts from puppetmaster servers and store those facts with the hosts in ONA
plugins/puppet_external_nodes define external node attributes for hosts in ONA. Allows puppet to use ONA as an external nodes source instead of using nodes.pp
build_isc_dhcp Build ISC DHCP server configuration from data in ONA
build_bind Build BIND DNS server configuration from data in ONA
build_tinydns Build Tinydns (djbdns) server configuration from data in ONA
plugins/cisco_cfg_audit Using Cisco configuration archives stored in ONA by the cfg_archive plugin, audit NAT and IP interface data against data stored in ONA
plugins/ona_recent_additions Shows a quick box on the dashboard with the last 5 subnets, hosts, DNS names that were added.
plugins/rpt_check_last_response Provides a quick query report to show hosts that have not responded since the specified date. Requires last_response data from sources such as the ona_nmap_scans plugin
plugins/cfg_archive A process similar to Rancid that connects to network devices and gets their configuration to archive in ONA. Currently supports Cisco and Juniper devices.
plugins/cisco_ucs_stats Will provide a Dashboard box showing the status of all your Cisco UCS chassis and the blades inside. You can easily get info on hardware status, memory, serial numbers etc
plugins/livestatus_stats Provides a dashboard box that displays warning and critical alerts for your hosts in Nagios/Icinga. Provides other details about he alerts as well. Provides a box on the display host as well showing all services and their status
plugins/openvmps Provide VQP responses to the openvmps server based on data in ONA. Using openVMPS external program methods you can have the VMPS server ask ONA directly for responses
plugins/vmware_stats Gather information from a VMware system and display it for each host. Things such as Memory, CPU, Disks, Tools and power status are available.
plugins/whois Provide a dashboard box for searching whois databases and a report based on your DNS domains and when they will expire.