using ona with dnsmasq on a pfsense system

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on pfsense we use dnsmasq for dns on our lan. this has been working for a few years . more detail and better formatting to follow.

pfsense configuration

on pfsense: click Services: DNS forwarder

Advanced: enter: addn-hosts=/etc/hosts.extra

at the system running ona

you'll need to change the IP address on the scp and ssh lines.

we run from /etc/cron.d/ona-local every 2 minutes

# if runnning from cli, this forces update to pfsense
# also needed if we change subnet info as hosts will be same.
tty > /dev/null && > /root/hosts-ona

# 1- make a new hosts file.
# added set -e as had dcm fail - due to a msql backup in prpgress. , then script created a bad hosts  at dns servers  2015-08-27 .
# so make sure we exit if this line fails!
set -e
/opt/ona/bin/ -r ona_sql sql=simplehosts.sql|sed -e "s/\:/      /" -e "s/://g" > /root/

# 2- if new hosts file is different then the old one then update dns 
if  ! cmp -s /root/  /root/hosts-ona  ; then
        # save file for next compare
        /bin/cp -f  /root/ /root/hosts-ona
        # make host file to be used by dnsmasq        
        # use sed eliminate header line
        cat /root/hosts-ona | sed /"ip      fqdn"/d  > /root/hosts.extra

        tty  > /dev/null &&  echo "  pfsense "
## ** change the scp/ssh target to your pfsense address 
        scp /root/hosts.extra
        ssh  /usr/local/sbin/pfSsh.php playback svc restart dnsmasq