using ona with dnsmasq running on a debian system

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part 1 on dnsmasq server

mkdir -p  /fbc/dns
mkdir -p /fbc/bin
  • add to dnsmasq.conf
addn-hosts=hosts.extra  #  use full pathname

fbc = federation business computing

part 2 at the system running ona

  • create /opt/ona/sql/simplehosts.sql
select INET_NTOA(i.ip_addr) ip,
       concat(,".", fqdn," # ",i.mac_addr mac,
       concat(" ",," ",," (",,")") device_type 
from   interfaces i,
       domains z,
       subnets s,
       manufacturers m,
where  i.host_id =
and    dns.domain_id =
and    dns.interface_id =
and    dns.type like 'A'
and = i.subnet_id
and = hosts.device_id
and    models.manufacturer_id =
and    device_types.model_id =
and    device_types.role_id =
and    devices.device_type_id =
order by i.ip_addr
  • make a new hosts file.
/opt/ona/bin/ -r ona_sql sql=simplehosts.sql |  \ 
sed -e "s/\:/      /" -e "s/://g" > /root/

Then i use a script to see if the file changed, if so scp to dnsmasq server, and restart/reload service.

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