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My take on a new homepage for OpenNIC.

Building the site

This outlines how to build the site manually on your webserver, not necessary with GitHub pages.


Run jekyll build in the working directory. This will build the site into /_site which can be served by any webserver.

Creating Pages

Simply create a markdown (.md) file in the root directory with the following information at the beginning:

layout: page
title: Page Title
permalink: /link/to/page/

The rest can be written in GitHub Flavored Markdown and will be automatically converted upon building the website. Example.

Writing Posts

Create a markdown file in /_posts named similarly to (ex. with the following information at the beginning:

layout: post
title: "Title of Post"
date: YYYY-MM-DD
category: News
author: FirstName

Like pages, the rest of the post is written in GitHub Flavored Markdown.

This site

...was built by Jonah Aragon for OpenNIC. The theme is loosely based on this theme by ModernTLD.