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Nextcloud data performance data collection

This repository contains the configuration to use OpenNMS collecting performance metrics provided through the Nextcloud serverinfo API. With the provided configuration the metrics will be collected every 5 minutes and persisted in OpenNMS using the configured storage strategy like RRDtool or Cassandra based Newts.


  • Nextcloud release candidate 10 with serverinfo support

  • OpenNMS Horizon/Meridian

  • Installed with XML data collector plugin

  • Provision your Nextcloud server into OpenNMS for monitoring

  • OpenNMS is installed in /opt/opennms

  • Optional: Grafana and OpenNMS Grafana with the Data Source installed.

The XML data collector plugin is not installed by default and can be installed with

Installing XML collector plugin
yum install opennms-plugin-protocol-xml
apt-get install opennms-plugin-protocol-xml

After installing the plugin it is required to restart OpenNMS with

systemctl restart opennms

Install data collection configuration

Checkout this repository with git or copy the files manually using the GitHub raw link to download the configuration files.

Install configuration for metrics collection and RRD graph definitions
git clone
cd nextcloud
cp /opt/opennms/etc/
cp xml-datacollection/nextcloud-serverinfo.xml /opt/opennms/etc/xml-datacollection

Configure Collectd

Add the following lines collectd-configuration.xml in the in the default installed ``example1 package. The collector service needs to be added on the very end of the file, it tells OpenNMS to the XML collector for this type of service.

Create a new collection service for the Nextcloud serverinfo metrics
<service name="Nextcloud-Serverinfo" interval="300000" user-defined="false" status="on">
    <parameter key="collection" value="nextcloud-serverinfo" />

<collector service="Nextcloud-Serverinfo" class-name="org.opennms.protocols.xml.collector.XmlCollector"/>

Create the xml-datacollection-config.xml which defines RRD configuration.

<xml-datacollection-config rrdRepository="/opt/opennms/share/rrd/snmp/" (1)
    <xml-collection name="nextcloud-serverinfo">
        <rrd step="300">
        <xml-source url="http://USER:PASS@YOUR-SERVER/nextcloud/ocs/v2.php/apps/serverinfo/api/v1/info"> (2)(3)
            <import-groups>xml-datacollection/nextcloud-serverinfo.xml</import-groups> (4)
  1. OpenNMS home relative path to persist RRD files

  2. URL to Nextcloud serverinfo ReST service with XML file, for authentication use USER:PASS@host/path in the URL

  3. Instead of YOUR-SERVER you can also use {ipaddr} which is replaced with the IP interface address of the assigned Nexcloud-Serverinfo service

  4. Include pre-configured metrics configuration for data collection

Restart OpenNMS and provision a service on your nodes IP interface named Nexcloud-Serverinfo.

Grafana template

Within the Grafana folder you can find a dashboard in JSON which can be imported. All you need is to replace the "nodeId": "1", values with the OpenNMS node and import the content of the file in grafana/nextcloud-dashboard.json.


Configuration module to monitor nextcloud with serverinfo app





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