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a command line script to push notifications via pushbullet or notifymyandroid
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pushme is a simple bash script to push an update to a phone via a service. It's primary use case is to notify of the completion of long running processes rather then having to keep checking on them. Other use cases can likely also be accommodated.


The only requirement is that bash is installed and either wget or curl are available. The script will pick the available one.

Other than that you will need an account on either pushbullet or notifymyandroid.


Since you need wget or curl available you can use them to install.

wget -O pushme


curl -o pushme

Then make the file executable

chmoe 755 pushme

and copy the file to somewhere in your PATH.


pushme will need the access token from the service being used as well as the service name. This can be provided via the PUSHME environment like this:

PUSHME=notifymyandroid:<your access token here>


pushme=pushbullet:<your access token here>

Alternatively, this can be placed in a config file in $HOME/.pushme, which should contain one line such as

pushbullet:<your access token here>

Just replace <your access token here> with your actual access token.


The primary motivation for this script is to notify when a long running process finally finishes. The easiest way to call it is just


That will produce a message to the phone stating command on <hostname> completed.

If the first parameter is a number it will be used to indicate that the command either succeeded or failed. For example

pushme $?

It's also possible to pass a second parameter, which will be used to replace the word 'command'

pushme $? rsync

will set the title of the message pushed to rsync on <hostname> succeeded if $? is 0, otherwise it will state that the command failed.

If the second parameter is anything other than a single word, it is used to set the title of the message.

The content of the pushed message will always begin with command completed at <timestamp>. Additional text can be piped into the script:

rsync -rvz /opt server:/opt &> /tmp/output; tail /tmp/output | pushme $? "rsync"

This will append the tail of the file into the pushed message.

Note: $? will reflect that output of the rsync command and not the tail. The status of the tail command can be found in PIPESTATUS not $?.

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