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A web API to geographic boundaries loaded from shapefiles, packaged as a Django app
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Represent Boundaries

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Represent Boundaries is a web API to geographic areas, like electoral districts. It allows you to easily find the areas that cover your users' locations to display location-based information, like profiles of electoral candidates.

It's a Django app that's easy to integrate into an existing project or to deploy on its own. It uses a simple file format to control how data is loaded into the API, and it provides a command-line tool to easily manage data.

Notable uses include:

  • Represent helps people find the elected officials and electoral districts for any Canadian address or postal code, at any level of government.
  • allows anyone to discover more about lawmaking in their state and uses Represent Boundaries to help them find their state legislators.
  • helps track the activities of the United States Congress and uses Represent Boundaries to help people find their members of Congress.
  • helps Washington, DC residents discover and participate in their Advisory Neighborhood Commissions.

Public instances include:

Represent Boundaries is one of many Poplus Components: independent pieces of software developed to solve a range of common problems encountered when building civic and democratic websites. Check out the other components.


Represent Boundaries should work in a Django 1.4 project. However, Django 1.4 has poor encoding support for shapefiles.


createdb travis_ci_test
psql travis_ci_test -c 'CREATE EXTENSION postgis;' syncdb --settings settings --noinput


Represent Boundaries is based on the Chicago Tribune's django-boundaryservice.

Released under the MIT license

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