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Please issue the following steps in the repository root directory (repo-root-dir)

(i) ./autogen.sh (ii) ./configure (iii) make

If the build is successful, the nvm-kv binary should be generated under /bin/


The input parameters to the utility can be provided using a XML file. A sample XML file (nvm-kv.xml) is provided in the current directory.

    <device name="/dev/fioa"/>
    <test smoke="true" perf="false" functional="false" dumpData="true"/>
        <io valueSize="1" kvCount="1000000" valueUnits="sector" batchSize="10" cacheSize="0"/>
        <!--threads count="1"/-->
        <pools maxPools="1024" poolCount="0" getPoolInfo="false"/>
        <expiry method="0" expiryInSecs="0"/>
        <jobs jobString="kv_open,kv_get_store_info,kv_put,kv_exists,kv_get,kv_iterate,kv_delete,kv_get_store_info,kv_batch_put,kv_close" verify="false" replacePuts="false" genCount="1" readExact="false"/>
    <dumpData filename="./kvstore_data"/>


(i) device tag: specifies properties of the device on which the benchmark is being performed name: specifies the name of the device

(ii) test tag: specifies the type of test being performed smoke: runs a very basic suite of NVMKV APIs to check if basic functionality works perf: runs a performance test based on the parameters specified under the perf tag functional: runs a functional test (currently unused) dumpData: whether the data on media needs to be dumped to a file or not specified by the dumpData tag in (ix)

(iii) perf tag: specifies parameters for the performance test

(iv) io tag: specifies the various IO parameters for the performance test valueSize: size of the value that needs to be used for the test. The unit for this is specified by the valueUnits attribute kvCount: number of Key-Value pairs used for the performance test valueUnits: units for the value size. Currently this supports only "sector" batchSize: number of Key-Value pairs to be used in a batch for the batch APIs cacheSize: size of the collision cache (in bytes)

(v) threads tag: specifies the properties of the threads used for the performance test count: number of threads used

(vi) pools tag: specifies properties of the pools used for the test maxPools: maximum number of pools used for the test poolCount: number of pools used for the test getPoolInfo: whether to get information for the pool or not

(vii) expiry tag: specifies expiry information for the test method: specifies expiry method. "0" will disable expiry, "1" will use arbitrary expiry and "2" will use global expiry expiryInSecs: specifies the expiry value in seconds

(viii) jobs tag: specifies the APIs and other miscellaneous parameters jobString: specifies the APIs that need to be run in order verify: whether the test needs to verify the value that was returned after a nvm_kv_get call replacePuts: whether the test needs to replace the value for an existing key for a nvm_kv_put genCount: generation count for the store readExact: whether the length of the buffer passed in to get the value in nvm_kv_get specifies the expected length of the value or not

(ix) dumpData tag: specifies properties for dumping NVMKV data present in media filename: name of the file in which the data needs to be dumped