In Oakland, the city is broken into 53 Community Police Beats represented by Neighborhood Crime Prevention Councils. This simple app helps people find their beat and in future to connect them to local groups.
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This simple fusion table app helps you find which community police beat you live in for the City of Oakland. The code is tweaked form a template described in detail below and is very fast to redeploy in a different instance.

Fusion Table Searchable Map Template by Derek Eder
Version 1.2
Updated 11/6/2011

After receiving several requests for a walkthrough for creating searchable maps with Fusion Tables, I decided to create this template to help get people started. It includes the basic setup to display a fusion table map and do simple address and radius searches. Once you have this working, feel free to look at my other maps to see how I added the additional filters.

Follow the steps below and you'll be in business with your own map
1. Create a Fusion Table (
2. Make sure at least one column is set to a type of Location and that FT has geocoded it
3. Set the fusion table to be publicly visible (via the Share button in the upper right) 
4. In source/maps_lib.js, set fusionTableId to the ID of your Fusion Table (there's one at the bottom of index.html too)
5. In source/maps_lib.js, replace 'geometry' with the name of your location column
6. *Optional* Add/modify additional search filters to the doSearch() function (maps_lib.js line 59). This will depend on the data you are trying to map. I put in one example of filtering by a type column. You can see additional examples of these by viewing the source on any of these:
7. Upload this map and all the supporting files (source and styles folders) to your site 

Fusion Tables Resources
Here's a list of useful links I've come across while creating my searchable maps.

Fusion Tables

Fusion Tables Issue Tracker -
Fusion Tables Google Group -

Reference Guides
Google Maps API -
Fusion Tables API Developer Guide -
Fusion Tables API Reference Guide -

Data sources
Chicago Data Portal - -
geocommons -