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OpenOakland is a volunteer organization, part Code for America's brigade network, that exists to bridge technology and community for a thriving and equitable Oakland. This project is OpenOakland’s website. is a place for volunteers, leaders, community members, and anyone interested in the organization to learn more about us and find resources.

Technology used

  • The site is a static Jekyll site.
  • We use Bootstrap as our CSS framework, in addition to some custom Sass.
  • Automatic builds and deploys are handled by CircleCI.
  • The site is hosted on AWS.
    • See more information in the Deployment section of our Contributing doc.

How to Contribute

Development Options

  • Open an issue, or comment on an existing one.
  • Clone the repo, run the site locally, create a branch, and get to work on any open issue. See for full details.

Additional Project Information

Contact info

Get in touch on OpenOakland’s slack at #oo-website. You can reach Alison at alison [at] openeoakland [dot] org.

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