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This is the repo for the OpenOUSD project located at Read the front page for a description of the project. All contributors are volunteers and the project has no private or public funders.

We welcome new team members!


OpenOUSD uses several technologies:

  • Gatsby, a static site generator built on React
  • Postgres to store public datasets
  • Node.js to serve that data as JSON through a light API (see openousd-api)

Since this is a static site, the data is fetched once and stored in static JSON files in the /data directory. The live site does not require any API or database.

Setting Up The Project Locally

  1. Run git clone
  2. cd openousd-site
  3. npm install (if you don't have npm, install node via the node installer or homebrew (macOS) or nvm if you work on several node projects)
  4. Run npm install -g gatsby-cli to install the gastby command line tool globally
  5. Ask a member of the project team on OpenOakland Slack for a Contentful API token. Insert the token into this command and run it to create a file and populate the token as an environment variable.
echo "CONTENTFUL_ACCESS_TOKEN={insert the token here and remove brackets}" > .env.development
  1. gatsby develop

Go to http://localhost:8000 in your browser

Using docker


docker-compose up

TODO: may need to delete the volume and recreate the container if you want to updte package.json / containers or look into using the --renew-anon-volumes flag.

Cleaning out old containers

  1. run the script ./
  2. enter y to prune volumes when prompted




Anyone with write privileges to the repository should be able to push a branch to

To do that, run this command from your branch:

npm run deployStaging

This runs some commands listed in package.json which essentially:

  1. run a production gatsby build
  2. creates the CNAME file for GitHub Pages
  3. Pushes to the gh-pages branch using gh-pages

Promote Staging to Production

Only a few members of the group and OO GitHub admins can publish to

Please be careful. If you have those permissions, you can run this command from any branch:

npm run promoteStaging

This probably needs to be brought into a proper deploy system, but for now this runs which essentially:

  1. git fetches the latest from GitHub
  2. checks out the gh-pages branch
  3. replaces the staging CNAME file with the production one
  4. pushes the files to openousd-site-prod master repo
  5. goes back to the branch you started in

Testing with Percy

Percy is a tool that takes screenshots of web pages across browser types and page widths (mobile, desktop) and does a visual "diff" to see if anthing has changed visually during development. Then you can decide if the changes is desired or not.

OpenOUSD's Percy project is here.

Config / Setup

  • Get a Percy project API token from a member of the team
  • Create a file in your local directory called .env.production
  • In that file, add a line PERCY_TOKEN=<Enter Token Here> to specify the token

Running Tests

Note: The free version of Percy allows 5000 screenshots a month. Each page has a screenshot for each language OpenOUSD supports and for desktop and mobile. At the time of writing this, that was ~125 screenshots per run.

  • To run against Staging: npm run percyStaging
  • To run against Production: npm run percyProd


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