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West Oakland Air Quality Project (WOAQ) TravisCI Codecov Code style: black

West Oakland Air Quality (WOAQ) is a project of OpenOakland focused on building digital advocacy tools around air quality data collected by volunteers and citizen scientists.

WOAQ partners with West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project (WOEIP), a community-based environmental justice organization that has been collecting air quality data for over a decade. WOEIP is dedicated to achieving healthy homes, healthy jobs and healthy neighborhoods for all who live, work, learn and play in West Oakland, California.

Readme contents

Code of conduct and values

To participate in this project, we ask you to abide by the OpenOakland Code of Conduct, and honor the 17 Principles of Environmental Justice.

Quickstart for developers

Install Docker and Docker Compose
Run Locally

  git clone
  cd woeip
  docker-compose up -d --build



You can now open your web browser and access the services at the following lvh domains:



Code Quality Checks

Follow testing and linting instructions in the Pull Request Template

Contributing as a non-developer

Design & research options

We use Trello for project management:

  • Review and add a comment to any light blue “Design & Research” card currently sitting in the In QA column. Or;
  • Grab any card tagged with the light blue “Design & Research” label in the Ready to Work On column and get started.

Data science/analysis options

We use Trello to document and discuss data decisions:

  • Review and add a comment to any yellow “Data Q” card currently sitting in the Qs About Data Analysis column. Or;
  • Add a new yellow “Data Q” card to the Qs About Data Analysis column for any new questions you think of that might be important to answer.

Project documentation


Reporting security issues

Please do not report security issues in public. Instead, send an email to the WOAQ team at Or reach out via the #woaq Slack channel (complete this form for access).