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Concertino is a classical music front-end for Apple Music.

It's splitted in several projects. This one provides only the HTML/JS interface. All data comes from an API which, in its turn, uses the Apple Music API. Apple doesn't allow multiple apps using the same API key, so you can't fork only the player and use the Concertino API - you have to fork both.


It's a web app, so just open it in your browser!

The player itself is full of features, so there is a wiki explaining them all.

How to build

  1. Fork and clone this git repository to your webserver (for example, in the /var/www/ folder)
  2. Fork the API repository and clone it as well
  3. Edit the html/player/js/lib.js file and change variable values accordingly to your domains
  4. Edit the html/player/index.html file and change the Apple Music developer token. Learn on how to create one here. Good luck!
  5. It's better to change the Google Analytics tag to your own account. Please check the html/player/index.html file


There are two public directories in the project and they must have their own virtual hosts on your webserver:

  • html/player it's the main player. For example, we host it at
  • html/share it's the share page. For example, we host it at

The main player must have SSL enabled (it's a DRM rule). You can use free Let's Encrypt-provided certificates, it's perfectly fine.

Development environment

We have adopted fake .local domains (concertino.local, cncert.local) for our dev webserver, but you can change the TLD in the html/player/js/lib.js file.

Please note that you still need the main player to serve with HTTPS, so you'll have to create self-signed phony SSL certificates for your dev environment.

Contributing with code

Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Contributing with data

Concertino composers and works information come from Open Opus, a free, wiki-style, open source database of classical music metadata. You can review existing info or add new entries to the database - any help will be appreciated!

Contributing with money

Concertino is free to use but it runs on web servers that cost us money. You can help us by supporting us on Patreon - any amount is more than welcome!


GPL v3.0


Classical music front-end for Apple Music (Player)







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